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Wholesale Drop Shipping Offer

The global aim pursued by MrsHerbal is to popularize herbal products among people all over the world in order to improve general health indicators. To achieve this quicker, we offer cooperation to other companies in the form of wholesale drop shipping.

Our Drop Shipping Program lets you sell our herbal products in the quickest and most convenient way, with no extra expenses. As these products are sold and shipped on your behalf, you earn not only money but also good reputation. The benefits of our drop shipping offer are the following:

  • Popular herbal remedies. You have no need to additionally advertise the products, as they have already been popular among customer for several years. All you need to do is to simply offer the product.
  • High-quality herbal supplements. You have no need to worry about the quality of products. The quality of supplements that we sell has already been proven. You will simply sell these products to your own customers.
  • No storing or shipping. You have no need to find place for storing products and to organize shipping. We will do everything ourselves while putting your name on the packages.
This offer is a great possibility to start your own legal business easily and safely. All you need to do is to use our top-quality products and rely on our experience in international shipping. If you would like to take part in our Drop Shipping Program, please contact us at admin@crocmint.com, sales@crocmint.com or affsupport@crocmint.com, or visit http://www.crocmint.com/bulkorder/.