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NicoNot™ – Stop Smoking Easily and Naturally

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You know how harmful smoking is, but you also know how hard it is to stop smoking, don't you? Are the withdrawal syndrome symptoms the reason why you are still smoking? You're not the only person with such a problem, but you can be the one who solved it! Wish it was easier to quit smoking and never return to this killing habit? Wish you could start living a healthy life and become a great example of how to get rid of a harmful addiction? NicoNot™, a groundbreaking herbal solution for smokers, is what you need. With its help, you can stop smoking today!

NicoNot™ Benefits

With such unbeatable benefits, you will finally stop smoking once and forever:
  • 100% natural preparation
  • Effectively releases from smoking addiction
  • Safe substitution for nicotine
  • Contains no nicotine
  • No withdrawal symptoms
  • No side effects

Smoking and YOU

If you've decided to quit smoking, you probably already know how harmful it is to your health. Among different causes of death, smoking takes one of the first places. The list of smoking-related diseases is striking. Lung cancer, heart attack, vascular stenosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are only several points in the list. Though these diseases do not develop rapidly, your body is damaged with each cigarette smoked out. Smoking is a risk factor for a number of serious diseases like Alzheimer's Disease, and can worsen the symptoms of other disorders you already have.
Not only your health is affected by smoking, but practically all spheres of life. First, smoking quickly deteriorates the way you look. Smokers acquire the so-called smoker's face, which can be described as sallow color of skin, wrinkling, and general quick aging of the face. Other discomforts brought by the smoking addiction include offensive breath, and the smell of cigarettes on your hair, hands, and clothes. Above all, nicotine addiction adds no pluses to your reputation and positions you as a boneless person. If you want to save your health and make your life expectancy 13-15 years longer, if you don't want to risk the health of those who surround you, if you want to show everyone that you do have willpower, it's high time you got rid of the smoking addiction.

Solution that YOU Need

While it may seem too complicated to simply stop smoking and never relapse, quitting smoking is possible even today when you have a powerful doctor endorsed helper, such as NicoNot™. NicoNot™ is a 100% natural preparation that helps stop smoking very quickly and easily. Though being a substitution for nicotine, it doesn't damage your health, but only helps get rid of the addiction. Unlike many other similar medicines, it has no side effects like nausea, headaches, drowsiness, etc. With the help of NicoNot™, getting rid of smoking becomes as easy and safe as you could never imagine.
Above all, NicoNot™ effectively fights the main reason for relapse in smokers – the withdrawal syndrome. You won't suffer from such nicotine withdrawal symptoms as anxiety, nausea, headaches, and craving for tobacco. NicoNot™ helps you get rid of the chemical dependency that makes your body ask for nicotine all the time. Together with your desire to quit smoking, which is basically your personal fight with the psychological dependency, NicoNot™ will release you from the killing addiction to smoking and let you lead a healthy lifestyle.

How It Works

As substitutions for nicotine, NicoNot™ herbal ingredients influence those receptors in brain that are usually activated by nicotine. In such a way, NicoNot™ makes your brain think that you get the desired portion of nicotine, while in the reality, your body stops being poisoned by nicotine and gets purely natural substances. This prevents the stressful nicotine withdrawal symptoms and makes you psychologically better prepared for eradicating the smoking addiction and preventing relapse.
Moreover, NicoNot™ helps your body get rid of the damages to your health caused by smoking. Its ingredients detoxify your body and let it gradually return to that state of health that you had before you started smoking. Though the processes of cleansing the body from nicotine and other toxins usually take months, NicoNot™ greatly boosts the processes so that your body could continue them on its own after you finish taking NicoNot™.


NicoNot™ tablets contain the following ingredients:
  • Adhatoda vasica – fights the breathing problems associated with smoking (cough, asthma, bronchitis, etc.).
  • Glycyrrhiza glabra – prevents the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal syndrome. Fights such breathing problems as cough and clogged nasal pathways.
  • Ocimum sanctum – anti-bacterial and laxative ingredient that fights sinus, asthma, and congestion, and also acts as a calmative.
  • Acorus calamus - calms brain, improves digestion, and develops nausea associated with smoking so that to get rid of both psychological and physical addiction to nicotine.
  • Syzygium aromaticum – fights smoking-associated breathing problems like cough, sore throat, and bronchitis.
  • Zingiber officinale – enhances the general state of health and promoted better mood by improving digestion and blood circulation.


  • 1 NicoNot™ tablet three times a day with a glass of water.
  • Take NicoNot™ regularly to stop smoking quicker and fight withdrawal symptoms more effectively.

Side Effects

As NicoNot™ is made of 100% natural ingredients, it has no side effects and is completely safe for anyone. It helps stop smoking naturally in the way most comfortable for your body and mind. NicoNot™ preparation is a herbal solution to stop smoking. It has proved to be highly effective, which is obvious from the numerous orders we receive every day. None of our customers has reported any side effects experienced. Choose a safe and proven way to naturally quit smoking today!