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VitoLax™ – Powerful Laxative Herbal Powder

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If the problem of constipation has become a real nightmare, and if you are looking for a laxative that would be effective, powerful, and mild at the same time, VitoLax™ is the best choice you can make. This herbal constipation remedy recommended by the most experienced doctors will not only help you forget about this embarrassing problem, but also improve the digestive functions of your body and achieve a better regularity of bowel movements. Quickly, easily, affordably, and with no side effects.

VitoLax™ Benefits

Using the following VitoLax™ benefits, you will solve the problem of constipation easily:
  • 100% natural constipation treatment
  • Quick constipation relief
  • Improves bowel movements regularity
  • Helps avoid fissures and piles
  • Improves digestion functions
  • Guaranteed safety with no side effects

Constipation and YOUR Life

Constipation is a very embarrassing problem, which people usually do not talk about. It refers to such problems as infrequent bowel movements (three times a week or less), difficulty felt during the process of defecation (often accompanied by pain), and feeling of incomplete bowel evacuation. The causes of constipation are different and refer to one of two types: obstructed defecation or colonic slow transit. They include functional and mechanical causes, diet, hormones, heavy metal toxicity, and side effects of some medication. Constipation problems and constipation relief greatly depend on what we eat and how the consumed food is digested. Problems with digestion and weak digestive system make it much harder to treat constipation.
Because of embarrassment, many people suffering from constipation do not visit doctors and so not receive proper treatment, which only worsens their condition. When constipation becomes severe and chronic, you might also experience such complications as obstipation (inability to pass stools and gas though) and fecal impaction (solid bulk of human feces that cannot be passed through). Possible treatments of constipation include special diet, laxatives, biofeedback, enema, or even surgery.

YOUR Most Preferred Choice

The reason why VitoLax™ is a number one choice in comparison with synthetic laxative drugs is its completely natural herbal formula. Its ingredients not only help to relieve constipation, but to also fight pains and make the process of defecation much easier, with no straining. VitoLax™ naturally helps your digestive system and your bowel, so that bowel movement become regular and easy, and the problem disappears. Most importantly, it makes the defecation process effortless and completely painless. While being a very powerful laxative herbal preparation, VitoLax™ helps you pass feces calmly, causing no embarrassment in the toilet room.
Additionally, natural constipation treatment with VitoLax™ is a safe therapy free from such disturbing side effects as nausea, diarrhea, and cramps. Even more, it prevents such complications of constipation as piles and fissures, which are often experienced by people treating bowel movement problems with synthetic laxative medications. VitoLax™ powder is easily digested and absorbed, which promotes quicker and better constipation relief. The feeling of constant discomfort and bloatedness is quickly eliminated by the VitoLax™ constipation remedy.

How It Works

VitoLax™ herbal ingredients add water and bulk to stool. Additional moisture makes stool easier to be passed by the bowel. What is more, increased bulk stimulates the bowel causing it to squeeze, contract, and pass the feces through. By taking only one dose of this natural constipation remedy, you will get the expected result the very next morning.
An even more important benefit of VitoLax™ is its influence on the digestive system. VitoLax™ strengthens digestive organs and improves digestive functions of your body. This promotes better digestion of consumed food, softer stools, easier bowel movements, and regularity of bowel evacuations.


VitoLax™ contains the following ingredients:
  • Plantago ovate – a bulk forming laxative herb. Adds bulk and water to stools in order to increase the amount of stool, which results in bowel movement.
  • Triphala extract – a stimulant laxative herb. Stimulates bowel and triggers bowel contraction.
  • Cassia augustifolia – mild laxative herb. Makes bowel movements easy and painless.


  • ¬†1 or 2 tsp of VitoLax™ with lukewarm water before sleep.

Side Effects

As a purely natural herbal constipation remedy, VitoLax™ is completely safe and causes no short-term or long-term side effects. Its safety and effectiveness were proved by extensive research. VitoLax™ is recommended and prescribed by the most renowned doctors as a powerful anti-constipation herbal treatment that helps normalize bowel movements quickly and mildly at the same time. Thousands of our customers have already appreciated the benefits of VitoLax™ herbal treatment of constipation problems, and claim it to be a completely safe and extremely effective constipation remedy. Positive feedbacks from patients and recommendations from doctors make VitoLax™ a number one herbal laxative.